1) Title of the project
2) The stage of project readiness А – the project is ready, all project works are completed, there is a declaration on the beginning of construction.B – is a project where some of the design conditions are fulfilled, but something is not completed.C – a project that has only the initial design stage
3) The area of the economy to which your project belongs:
4) Project Leader / Project Manager and his contacts Surname
5) Information on similar projects executed:
6) Total budget of the project:
7) Own contribution of the organization:
8) Project support from other (available) sources:
9) The amount necessary for the implementation of the project, the receipt of which is expected from SFII:
10) Form / Type of financing:
11) Brief description of the project:
12) Payback period: Years Month:
13) Implementation period: Years of the Month:
14) Expected results:
15) Technology description:
16) Presence of a land plot:
17) Competitive Advantages:
18) Suppliers:
19) Product / Service Buyers:
20) List of contractors:
21) Social Impact:
22) Environmental impact:
Project presentation (up to 10 Mbytes / pdf, ppt, pptx, doc, docx)

If you wish your idea or existing business received support and funding from the best world banks and funds, you need:

  • Fill in the project summary. The document – a brief description, which includes such items as the essence of ideas, contracts, etc;
  • Complete the table for the formation of the bank projects – requires information on the amount of investment, period of repayment – only 9 provisions;
  • The presentation of the business project which does not exceed 10 pages in Ukrainian and English languages. Usually, this presentation is universal and which is used in most situations.

Project Summary Template for submitting projects to the institution

Table for the formation of the Bank’s projects

Online portal submission of projects