Ukraine’s Angel Network(UAN)

Ukraine’s Angel Network(UAN) - First known angel investment network was organized back in 1991, right when Ukraine gained its independence. To this day Ukraine does not have an organized process or culture of Angel investment into innovation and start- ups. SFII will be the administrator of Ukraine Angel network that will show case the best start ups and innovations coming out from Sikorsky Start Up ecosystem. UAN – will be open to investors from all of the world. But the start-ups and technologies will go through vigorous due diligence before being presented on the UAN.

Intellectual Global Network of Ukraine

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Intellectual Global Network of Ukraine (“IGNU”)

Intellectual Global Network of Ukraine (“IGNU”) – is a platform for managing innovation and collaboration within a confidential network will become a vehicle to generate revenue streams for companies in the network. To be selected into the network a company will be required to undergo an in-depth due diligence, maintain above a 75-point rating on the SFII National Rating Score and its core business must relate to one of the 20 scientific fields of Ukraine’s Sikorsky Platform.

State Financial Institution for Innovation (“SFII”) National Rating System

State Financial Institution for Innovation (“SFII”) National Rating System – is 100 points Rating System for Ukraine’s corporations, scientists, engineers and executive level management covering areas like corporate governance, HR development, customer service and many others. Intended to become a “GOLD” standard for Ukrainian corporations. Companies, scientists, engineers and executive level management will be rated for the benefit of future strategic partners, institutional and private investors from around the world. Semi-annual ratings will be administered by SFII and published for maximum global exposure.
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Intellectual Property Protection & Monetization

Intellectual Property Protection & Monetization – in partnership with leading global experts and the IDEATION platform, existing and newly developed intellectual property will be protected and immediately offered around the world for commercialization purposes.
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Internal Organizational Structure & Operations

Internal Organizational Structure & Operations – all SME’s in Ukraine that are seeking to be part of IGNU will go through an in-depth review of company operations. Management of each company will be provided with recommendations for adjustments deemed necessary to work effectively with companies outside Ukraine. All reviews and recommendations will be made by high level business professionals from the United States and other key countries.
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Access to global capital resources

Access to global capital resources – all companies within IGNU will be presented to a global investment community. Ukraine Sikorsky Platform, State Financial Institution for Innovation and BRIGGS Capital (USA) will present the best opportunities for investors and strategic companies within key scientific fields to their network of established funding sources from around the world. All companies presented to funding sources will go through rigorous preparation prior to direct contact with any such funding sources.
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Global Sales infrastructure

Global Sales infrastructure – Ukraine Intellectual Lab (“UIL”) is a United States based company that will serve as the salesforce for all companies within Intellectual Global Network of Ukraine. It will offer governments, universities and corporations outside Ukraine opportunities to outsource design engineering, research & development, IP licensing, manufacturing, specialized human resource talent and customized educational programs.

Sikorsky Start Up Ecosystem


Sikorsky Challenge Business Competition

Sikorsky Challenge Business Competition – is the only nationwide business competition in Ukraine. It hosts local and regional competitions to select finalist celebrated every October in a week-long event on the campus of Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (“KPI”), the National Technical University of Ukraine.


Sikorsky Challenge Business Incubator

Sikorsky Challenge Business Incubator – will be developed and based on the best practices of world leading incubators in the such us Y Combinator and TechCrunch. Sikorsky Challenge Business Incubator will partner with leading incubators from around the world to allow companies graduating from Sikorsky Incubator to have global reach.


Sikorsky Challenge Entrepreneurship Apprentice School

Sikorsky Challenge Entrepreneurship Apprentice School – entrepreneurial education with practical implementation that is difficult to access, or simply does not exist, in many regions of Ukraine. Entrepreneurship Apprentice School aims to prepare Ukraine’s labor force to integrate into a global Knowledge Economy. It will be operated and accredited by KPI in partnership with leading universities and colleges from around the world. Sikorsky Challenge Entrepreneurship Apprentice School will develop curriculum based on existing content from leading experts.


Sikorsky Challenge Salesforce

Sikorsky Challenge Salesforce – will provide domestic and international sales for companies within Sikorsky Incubator and members of Intellectual Global Network of Ukraine.


Sikorsky Challenge Co-working Hubs

Sikorsky Challenge Co-working Hubs – will serve as centralized locations for technological & scientific clusters. Clusters will focus on technology transfer and provide space, administrative support, mentor services, educational seminars, sales & marketing services. Facilities will be established in major cities around Ukraine in partnership with local universities, domestic and international developers and US tech transfer offices.


Sikorsky Challenge Ecosystem Licensing Program

Sikorsky Challenge Ecosystem Licensing Program – the program is designed to scale all components of Sikorsky Start Up ecosystem throughout Ukraine and neighboring countries.

SFII Education


Master Class

Long time ago Charles Darwin said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” This is an absolute true in the world of entrepreneurs today and it will become even truer in the future.

One-day Master Class is created for an audiences who is fully committed to succeed in business. The Master Class is designed to provide overview and introduction to most critical elements of the business irrespective of its current development stage.

Note: through participation in the seminar, group work, concepts and ideas shared within the program by its participants ONLY few SELECTED individuals will be invited to participate in the FULL PROGRAM run by SFII, UGTI Inc. & Start Up School at Sikorsky Polytechnic Institute .

Idea to Reality

Taking Business to Next Level

Executive Leadership for 21st Century

Sales Culture to Drive Growth & Profitability