Message from acting Head of the Board of SFII
Innovative development of “UKRVODOKANALPROJECT” to counteract the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic

State Finance Institution for Innovations promotes the effective resistance to the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19.

On a view of this, on April 1, 2020, Mr. Serhii Shkurakov, acting Head of the Board, and Mr. Konstantin Zagorodnyuk, representative of Limited Liability Company Scientific-Research, Design and Site Exploration Institute  “Ukrvodokanalproekt” signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and Understanding to create an effective foundation for the bilateral cooperation development.

“Indeed, a disruptive set of measures proposed by the inventors is the basis for resistance to the pandemic spread” emphasizes Mr. Serhii Shkurakov.

All the necessary facilities to implement the preventive package of measures, which is the inventor’s team now-how, have passed the necessary tests of efficiency and safety and undergo the final stage of certification procedures.

The special measures implementation provides for the destruction of the pathogens during the transmission from an infected to a healthy person:

  • indoor air disinfection by an aerosol method in the presence of people (using for this purpose the active chlorine dioxide in water via aerosol generators spraying);

  • disinfecting hands, household items, equipment, surfaces with poly- and low molecular weight electrolytes mixture (proposing preparation “Microstat TM” provides effective action and prolonged after using effect),

  • using the effective individual protective gear (e.g. masks, air, automobile, industrial, household filters for water and air cleaning and disinfection) based on a paper filter material combined with decontamination properties.

The comprehensive implementation of these measures will provide the constant maintenance of an appropriate level of biological safety in the high-priority office accommodations as well as the maximum possible stability for the key enterprises that support the country’s sustainment.   For that matter, at the time of memorandum execution, the entire complex of innovative products was used in the meeting room.

Today’s realities require strict quarantine and the daily use of preventive actions and appropriate measures.

SFII expresses gratitude to our partners from the R&D and design&survey Institute for that important and effective contribution to the fight against the spread of viral infections and the protection of each of us! Only the coordination of joint efforts will give an effective result!

 Background :

*  State Finance Institution for Innovations established to provide financial support to business entities of various types of ownership, to attract foreign and domestic investments for development of the real economy, to increase capacity of domestic export output, produced by companies of national industries, to protect and promote the domestic commodity producers.

* Limited Liability Company Scientific-Research, Design and Site Exploration Institute “Ukrvodokanalproekt” offers a full range of services to address the issues of water supply, sanitation, utilization and recycling of livestock and food industry waste of any complexity, works on engineering solutions in fields of industrial hydraulic engineering and national water protection, develops high-quality design documentation for the construction of reliable and safe operating facilities, works on reconstruction and modernization of available housing facilities.