​ New industrialization: joint actions of government and business
To be innovative in Ukraine! Patriotic Kevlar – green light!

Polish-Ukrainian conference in Kiev

Energy saving and energy efficiency are tasks that are of great relevance to Ukraine today, and Poland, as a country that has already successfully passed through the transformation processes, has a huge experience and a positive experience in solving such problems. So on this occasion, today, on the theme: “Urban Economics and Territorial Development. European Models of Municipal Infrastructure Management. Presentation of European experience in the organization and management of communal and residential sectors, organized by the European Real Estate Institute Foundation and the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce under the honorary patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine. The Head of the Intellectual Property and Invention Support Department Yana Pidlisna presented the financial opportunities that SFII provides for business, congratulated the Head of the SFII Volodymyr Stavniuk, and showed respect to the organizers of the event.
During the conference were presented a number of innovative projects that have already been implemented or are planned to be implemented in the communal sphere, including Regarding Renewable Energy. One of such projects is the project “Green University” of Kharkiv National University of Municipal Economy named after O.M. Beketov