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Supporting our young scientists and innovators is a main priority for the State

 On June 18, 2020 the representatives of the SFII held the meeting with the representative of the GIS Association of Ukraine. The meeting was attended by: Serhii Shkurakov – Acting Head of the Board, Maria Prokofieva – Head of the Department of Communications and Development Strategy and Oleksiy Chernenko – Leading Bibliographer of the Pukhov Institute for Modeling in Energy Engineering National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IPME).

The participants of the working meeting discussed about projects in the field of energy, opportunities for the further development of the industry and practical actions for the implementation of effective activities. They also discussed about support and  development of young scientists in the innovation field.

According to Serhii Shkurakov: “Supporting our young scientists and innovators is a main priority for the State. And our task is to provide them with a “window of opportunity” for truly effective change. ”

The main attention was also paid to the areas of mutual cooperation and it was outlined plans for the near future.

Thanks to the representative of the GIS Association of Ukraine for a constructive dialogue. A set of joint coordinated actions always gives the best result!


* GIS-Association of Ukraine was established in 1996 by a community of specialists working in the fields of information technology, cartography, geodesy and construction. Now they are the heads of a number of leading enterprises and branch institutions of Ukraine.