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When a crisis is not a hindrance: successful examples of investment

    The consequences of the pandemic, of course, affected almost all areas of business. Despite this, many investors continue to expand their portfolio: some companies, even in the face of the crisis, are able to attract multimillion-dollar investments.

    “The future belongs to those who can predict trends. We need to shift our focus from the focus on the coronavirus and focus on opportunities and new directions, on developing and finding new horizons for our business – now is the perfect time for that,” experts advise.

Representatives of venture funds, during the survey, told which startups from which industries they are ready to invest right now.

For example, more attention has been paid to remote services in the areas of health, cybersecurity, training, collaboration, corporate communications and online shopping.

New directions in the field of the same robotics, artificial intelligence, industry are also considered. The focus in the field of deep tech has significantly expanded over the past six months and, according to estimates, interest will continue to grow.

Here is an example of five startups from around the world that have attracted investment despite the pandemic:

  1. Star Citizen – March 20, 2020 Cloud Imperium Games raised $ 1,725,000 from previous investors to develop this game (previously invested another $ 46 million). The total investment in the company – along with the money raised by fans on Kickstarter – resulted in $ 340 million. Previously, Star Citizen has become the most expensive game in history, ahead of Grand Theft Auto V with a budget of $ 285 million and Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2, which spent $ 292 million.


  1. EquityBee – Israeli Fintech startup: the platform’s developer allows startup founders to raise external funding, raised $ 6.6 million on February 11. Series A round was led by California-based Group 11 fund.


  1. OnDoc – the developer of the patient management system (personal offices for patients of clinics and insurance companies), at the end of March raised $ 1 million from the medical-biological research and production complex “Cytomed”. The service allows you to automate online recording, transfer data to patients in an electronic media card and accept payments.


  1. ElevateBio, an American biotech startup developing new types of cell and gene therapies (they can help improve patients’ immunity during a pandemic), raised $ 170 million on March 31. According to TechCrunch, several new investors took part in the B series round.


  1. – edTech-startup, developer of a virtual English animation tutor, raised $ 1 million from LETA Capital in April. The foundation’s partner noted that “drivers that are currently fueling users’ interest and awareness of the edutainment solution will have a long-term effect.”


As for Ukraine, the Ukrainian company Spinbackup remains on the wave of popularity, having previously attracted $ 1,500,000 from the Polish fund bValue and several business angels. It is developing a solution that allows you to not lose important corporate data from cloud services.

   Part of the investment is aimed at expanding the team and developing offices, as well as recruiting specialists in the field of cybersecurity.